Role: User Researcher, Interaction Designer



How might we encourage college students to give rides to others students?



A mobile app that allows college students to give rides within communities they belong to.

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Possessing wealth and material goods doesn’t lead to happiness, giving them away actually does
— Psychology Today

My secondary research strongly suggested that happiness could be a key motivator behind giving. However, I still had a few questions I needed answered:

When are students happy?

How do students interpret giving?

Where do students go?


To dive deeper, I experimented with cultural probes.


Cultural Probes

A select group of students were each given a carefully arranged package of activities to complete in the span of three days. They  wrote a journal entry and sketch a picture for every moment they felt happy. They identified physical locations on a map where they felt most happy. They reflected on abstract images of giving and what giving meant to them. They also built a difficult origami, gifted it, and reflected about the experience such as the building effort and selecting the receiver.



The results showed that students felt happiest when engaging with a community and were most motivated to give to those in the community.

Translating the user insights into requirements, I concluded the following:

• Student finds or creates a community
• Student talks with a community member
• Student gives ride to a community member
• Student requests ride from the community



I started sketching out various scenarios and potential screens.


After sketching a bit, I started wireframing


I then worked on the visual design and iterated through the flow as well



My hope for this project was not only to explore ways students can share rides, but also a desire to encourage them to give more.

*This was a graduate school project. I passed.