GE Nuclear Safety


Significantly improve the safety of service workers by transforming a paper process into a digital tool.

Managers use these sheets of paper to manage workers on a plant floor during an outage. This data is critical in ensuring the safety of workers. However, the handwritten approach can become illegible and cause a safety concern. Our goal was to develop an iPad version of the papers to eliminate error.



Design Workshop

A one day workshop was scheduled with key stakeholders to work through the project goals, research insights, and concept design direction. As one of two designers on the project, I helped facilitate a brainstorming session and journey mapping activity.

User Research

I led the research efforts for the project interviewing workers and managers. This translated into a persona and journey map.

Artifact: Persona

Artifact: Journey map


I sketched several ideas before working on a digital wireframe.


I worked with a senior visual designer to repurpose existing design components into wireframes to keep brand consistency.



Team effort led to a successful development with a pilot scheduled for a plant and a presentation to the GE Digital CEO.