3. Kraus Edward Henry Building


It’s been a while since I last posted an update for #UmichBuildings. However, I have still been visiting building and collecting photos. I am a bit (ok…very behind) my schedule for the April 29 deadline, but am still aiming to visit all 595 building before I die! It will be a reason to come visit Ann Arbor once in a while!

Now to the next building I visited: the Kraus Edward Henry Building. (Is there a nickname for this building?) It’s right off the Diag, a central walking hub on central campus. It also has this underground greenhouse which I have been eager to check out. Unfortunately, my phone died as I was taking a picture of it.




Kraus Edward Henry has these cool looking hallways connecting different parts of the building. They are small and a bit mysterious as you walk through them.




When I visited the building, it was eerily deserted. However, some doors were left open and some classroom even had their screens on.

IMG_2200 IMG_2201



Most of the building is equipped with labs and I found many of these eye emergency stations throughout the building. Labs are probably required to have these around, but thought it was convenient to have them close by.




The building hosts different areas of biology research and each area have their own bulletin board. Some are pretty creative.




I found another human being!



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