1. Modern Languages Building


The first building I decided to visit is the Modern Languages Building. I pass this building all the time but have never gone inside. There are so many things I can write about each building: number of floors, number of classrooms, number of doors, building type, etc. In order to make this journey easy to follow, I will identify four features in every building that fall under four categories: space, view, convenience, art, and random (might change this one, but it’s something that I did not expect to find).



The three large classrooms on the first floor stand out in this building in regards to space.




The 3rd and 4th floors provided a nice view onto the Rackham Building. Unfortunately, I was only able to see the view from a door window since the top two floors were already closed.




The first floor hallway wraps around the three large classrooms providing multiple ways to enter and exit.




I might have not noticed any creative features inside the MLB, but the building itself has a creative form.




Nothing random in this visit


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